Bring & Buy @ Warcon




Our B&B approach has changed and we urge you to have a look at the Bring & Buy section.

This year we accept goods from 10 to 11.15. The B&B ‘shop’ will be closed until then to give everybody the opportunity to put their goods on the tables. Download and fill in the B&B document and label and package your goods properly. This is compulsory and a strict condition.

The B&B-shop opens at 11.30 after which time no goods will be accepted anymore. You will not be able to do any B&B purchase before 11.30!

The B&B ‘shop’ closes at 16.30.

More info and the downloadable B&B document can be found here.

P.S.: Be advised that, as was the case last year, there is a 10% handling fee on sold goods.


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