We want you to attend WARCON 31, on Saturday 8th of February 2020

from 10:00hrs till 17:00hrs.

It is the 31st edition and the 32nd year that the convention is organized, so we have something to celebrate.

Join us and participate in the first gaming event of the year in continental Europe. Attendance will be given on a first come first served basis. The organization keeps the discretion of accepting/refusing applications.

We are organizing Warcon in a larger venue and there is plenty of space to host a lot of you.

The address is:

Kloosterstraat 26
9820 Merelbeke

And for those who attended last year? There are no roadworks planned 😉

Just like during the last edition we ask for a small stand fee.
Costs have risen and, as the event is taking place in February, we will have to cover a substantial heating bill as we will have it on full blast all day long!

The rate will be €12.5 per table (120cm x 80cm) or equivalent in space if you bring your own material.

We will of course provide the tables and chairs as needed.
If you need power outlets please tell us. There is no Wifi at the venue.

Build-up will be possible as from Friday, February 7 from 17:00.

On Saturday, February 8, set-up can start as from 7.30am and HAS to be finished by 9.30am.

The reason is that it will be cold and the large hall takes very long to heat up

If you want to attend, and we hope you will, please reply via email to Warcon stating the space you need.

Any questions can also be addressed via this email. As soon as we have your confirmation we will provide you with additional details (directions, venue, parking, hotels, etc..).

Last years’ Warcon 30 was our best edition ever. In our 2020 edition we will have more clubs, more demo’s and more people attending. So this edition will be better still and we really want you to be part of this.