We want you at the con!

It’s getting closer and closer and we’re starting to finalize the Warcon 2020 program and plot out our floor plan.

We do need to know from you:


If you’re coming!

The Games

Which game you’ll be showing and if it will be a demo or participation game.

So, please list the name of the game, the rules system and whether it is a demo or participation game.

As soon as we have this information we can start promoting your club and game in our social media communication.


To plan and organize our floor plan we still need you to tell us the size of your table. In case this is too large for your reserved space, we will also need a second option that would work for you as well.

We do have a large hall but attendance is high. We will of course do everything which is in our possibilities to accommodate your requests.

We provide 4 free entrances per club. The rest of you will have to pay, nah!

In the coming weeks you will receive further information on directions to the venue, parking, set-up times, etc…
Please direct all your answers and future communication to Warcon.

Do also provide a responsible (and an email address) in your club to whom we can direct all future communication.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you and are sure that you will be bringing along a sterling game to the Warcon 2019 attendees. And please bring along as much of your crowd as possible.

It will be epic, again!

With most regards and may your dice roll high!