Saturday 8 February 2020


Gaming convention since 1987

Warcon is an annual tabletop gaming convention

Since 1987 the Belgian wargame show season starts with the Gent show. Warcon 2020, on Saturday February 8, 2020, is almost upon us.
This 31st anniversary edition (yes we missed a couple of years) looks even better than the ones before. This edition is again a truly cooperative effort of four Ghent war- and gaming clubs: Gamers' Guild, The Red Barons, Bylandt and Nemesis.

Please have a look at this site for more info on the venue, the list of clubs and traders and the always successful Bring and Buy.


Traders – Clubs – 2nd Hand -Board Games -Demos – Participation Games – Beer!


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Join us and participate in the first gaming event of the year in continental Europe!

Organizing Clubs

Gamers' Guild

Gamers’ Guild (previously known as Thunderbolts) are a Belgian Gaming Community, by and for gamers, located in Ghent, Belgium.

Since it's conception in May 2008 it's numbers are steadily growing. The club doesn't discriminate in members or games.

All games are given a chance and played and everyone can join, members and no-members alike . There is only one rule that has to be obeyed in the club: Have fun and play fair!

Red Barons

The Red Barons is a wargames club from Ghent Belgium.
Our origins can be traced back to the seventies, but we were finally baptized with our current name in 1988. For those 30+ years, we have offered refuge to players of a wide range of games from boardgames to miniature wargames.
We mainly play historical miniatures games although we'll try at least anything once.


Bylandt originated from the Red Barons. Way back in 1993 the founding fathers of the Red Barons went ‘underground’ and stopped organising public activities (besides the annual convention).

Some members, notably those who lacked the playing space, decided to form a new club and went in search of a new lair. This was quickly found and a new club was born : Bylandt, after the commander of the Dutch/Belgian brigade at the Battle of Waterloo. We’re a Ghent based and small group of hardcore gamers. Our scope is broader than historical wargaming and a wide variety of boardgames and other tabletop figurine games are played.


Atypical student community for board games and fantasy lovers.